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Welcome to 1906 on Hill…

It’s a Victorian Manor House, on 69 Hill Street, in Stutterheim, that’s actually just your new home away from home, where we hope you’ll get to:


Eat a home cooked breakfast in our dining room, and if you stay long enough… you could enjoy some of the local flavours!


Sleep in one of our comfy rooms, with crisp white linen, gorgeous Oregon flooring, and high ceilings.


Play, and restore your soul as you take in the beautiful sights and sounds of this quaint town.

 A bit more about how this all began…

I suppose it began in 1906 when the house was built.

But for us [Terence + Emma Weise], this was one of those homes you look at growing up… thinking:

“I wish I could live in a space like that”

Being one of the grandest Victorian homes in Stutterheim… taking up almost an entire block… for both Terence and Emma, this was just a childhood dream.

So the high school sweethearts then set off to make a life for themselves in Cape Town, but on one trip back “home”, they spotted a for sale sign, and when Emma spotted the glint in her husband’s eye… she knew that this home would soon be theirs.

We always had a dream for this home.

We could always see it as B+B, it’s magnificence just lends itself to hosting weary travellers.

We could see it becoming a space where you could eat, sleep, and plenty of space for the kids to play

What can you expect?

There is something about the magnificent 1906 craftsmanship

The beautiful solid oregan doors with pressed copper plate detailing and amazing architraves that welcome you into a little piece of history.

As you relax next to the sounds of a crackling fire, the feeling of warmth and romance is what this home gives [especially whilst sipping on a really good wine].

The large generous rooms with original Oregon floors, and high ceilings helps you relax, as you put your feet up and breathe.


…to this magnificent little piece of history.


After exploring the sites and sounds…

Whether you hiked the Stutterheim Kologha Forest [enjoying the natural waterfalls], did a bit of bird watching in the Amathola Mountains, fly fished in the Gubu Dam, or enjoyed some of the water sports that the Wriggleswade Dam has to offer.


Great for the outdoor enthusiasts


You come back home…

and step into a space that will send you back to a time before there was internet, tv and smart devices, where people had conversations or picked up a book for entertainment. Whether you enjoy the hot bath in the Magnolia Room, or a shower in the Grand Oak Room… and a rest in our crisp white linen. You’ll wake up to the chirps of birds in our massive trees, beckoning you to come and take a stroll in the beautiful leafy garden that surrounds the house.


in crisp white linen.

Your Home away from Home!


Then it’s time to eat…

Before we send you on your way to explore or travel to your next destination, you’ll make your way to the dining room, where you’ll spot the original intricately crafted server, another two original fireplaces which help set the scene as you enjoy some locally roasted coffee and a home cooked breakfast [and if you’ve enjoyed a particularly chilly morning, you’ll find that we’ve lit the fire to warm things up a bit 😉 ].


…and enjoy a home cooked breakfast and some locally roasted coffee.


We hope you create wonderful memories as you experience a little of Stutterheim’s local flavour with us.

Terence + Emma

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